Rihanna Unfollows Jennifer Lopez on Instagram

It came as a sudden shock to the Rihanna circle that the famous singer has unfollowed her friend Jennifer Lopez on Instagram. Both of these celebrities have been in a friendly relationship for years, and both have supported each other in professional and personal lives. But Rihanna’s actions seem to state that this friendship has come to an end, following some supposed images.

The fans were quick to notice this, and the town has been filled up with the gossips. According to many sources, all this is a result of the talks that have “Drake and Jennifer Lopez in a romantic box.”

According to the people in Rihanna’s circles, she is very unhappy about this whole thing as Drake was with her only a few month ago. They added that it has come up as a shock to Rihanna as she would never have expected her Ex-boyfriend Drake and her friend Jennifer Lopez to get together as a couple this quickly.

Drake and Rihanna ended their relationship this October, whereas, Jennifer changed her status to single after calling off her relationship with the 29 years old backing dancer – Casper Smart, earlier this year. Jennifer and Casper were in this relationship for a long period of four years. People are starting to relate these two breakups as intentional on both the sides. But all this remains a not so unsolved mystery as no official statements have come out.

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