Katy Perry Loses to Her Sister in a Messy Party Game

There is no better way to enjoy a party than to play a hilarious and messy game. Katy Perry shared a video on Instagram where she and her sister Angela played a game of button bashing. The 32-year old singer lost so badly that she got her whole face covered with whipped cream.

The setup of the game itself is already hilarious. The siblings positioned their chins on the two chin holders while they simultaneously bashed to button to guide the little red hand holding the whipped cream to each others face. With how the game ended, it’s obvious that Angela is better at button bashing than her sister.

When the little red hand failed to deliver the whole load of cream to her sister’s face, Angela scooped a handful and smothered Katy Perry’s face with the tasty treat.

Although Katy lost fair and square, she got a dollop of cream and massaged it to Angela’s face. This childish action brought a roar of laughter from the crowd.

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